Why can't we all just get along?!

New Life wont play nice.

~The thoughts of Podvodnik Kral, Thief Extraordinaire

With the discovery that DC posed a greater threat then even the New-Life, our group in general decided it would be good to try to unite the New-Life and Church in a common cause. That proved be easier said then done. After a report summoned us to the power site we were shown the body of a DC creature which had been killed quite cleanly. It’s head had been cut clean through, narrowing the likely cause to either with a magical blade of some kind, or a highly advanced blade using a lot of force. The skeletal remains seemed different then our knowledge on the DC and it seemed odd to find one in the woods. Examining the place the body was found turned up no clues at all, or evidence that anything even happened there.

Feeling pressed into greater haste by this discovery, we decided to head straight to Seldec, or at least an old new-life complex nearby. The intention was to deliver a message with some proposals. During our first night of travel however, things got messy. I took first watch and stayed up by the fire while the rest slept. I got the feeling we were watched. Anyone else might brush off that feeling as bad nerves but In my profession it’s more then a tingle at the back of your neck. I woke up Fulframent and told him it was his turn to watch, and that I was going to get some sleep. I ducked into my tent and went out a secret flap in the back and off into the night. I followed my instincts to some ruins outside our camp where I really felt in my element. The dark ruins were a natural place to duck in and out and around. I got the feeling however that my target was no amateur. While not really aware of me, our watcher was not easy to locate and seemed to be changing hiding spots quite often. I eventually spotted him perched on a eight foot tall post, sitting rather unnaturally. I stalked around him and got in close, nearly within striking distance, and may have taken the opportunity had I not been a bit startled by what I saw. The watcher was clearly new-life. Maybe even DC, since I hadn’t really seen living DC before. I decided not to risk it and instead went back to camp, sneaking back into my tent and coming out casually. I let everyone know what I’d found out and they decided that waving to the spy might be a good course of action. I’m no diplomat really so I can’t say anything against it, other then it may not have been a good idea. Maybe. I had gone back into the night to watch it’s reaction. It had changed locations again, but the wave still had an effect. It ducked back into the ruins almost in a panic, paused, and then began to do something with its arm. At first I thought it might be using some kind of long distance information device, to report that it had been seen. Apparently not. It was dark, give me a break. It was putting something like a metal rod in its arm and then it snuck off speedily to get closer to the camp. I took out my blackjack and followed close behind, not ready to attack unless It was necessary. I wasn’t entirely sure if it had been loading a weapon or not, or if it planned to attack.

Once it got behind everyone though it seemed there was no hope to avoid conflict. It had been circling around to get the drop on us. That may have been its intention from the start since it’s spying locations had been closer to the camp each time I located it. Waving may only have startled it into more prompt action. We’ll probably never know for sure.

It raised it’s arm and took aim. I lunged out of the shadows and struck the back of its neck with my blackjack hearing a nasty crunch. His shot went wild and missed the group, causing an explosion and filling the air with smoke. I shouted to the group and then darted away, narrowly avoiding the slash of a sharp blade, which cut the air I had been in seconds ago. Everyone came running while I escaped into the shadows, and the new life climbed quickly up the wall of some ruins. Fulf fired an arrow but it seemed to have no effect to his dismay. Moving through the ruins, I realized quickly that the creature was not trying to get away, and rather was hunting me. It seemed to have decided to kill us all unfortunately. I used the ruins to my advantage and maneuvered it into a position in our advantage and Hilo came swinging. I vanished again waiting for another opportunity. Hilos hammer cracked heavily into the creatures gut sending it backward to the ground. I took advantage and ducked out, giving up on the blackjack and just giving its head a heavy kick on my way past. It had little effect on its health but distracted it. Hilo swung his hammer again but was shocked to have it fly from his hands as a quick swipe of the creatures sword dented it and disarmed him. Jiri who had been attempting mid combat diplomacy gave up and concentrated on defending Olloth and Fulf. Hilo in a rage decided he didn’t need the hammer at all. He dove onto the creature with his shoulder and used all his strength to try and subdue it. It however was so strong that Jiri had to join in to restrain it. I suddenly realized I had been missing the opportunity to do what I do best. I effortlessly stole the creatures sword and went back into the shadows with my new blade.

It seemed it was a fight to the death however, and the creature would not be taken prisoner. Its other arm was heavy and strong, and it delivered a brutal strike to Jiri’s face, sending teeth flying from his mouth, and his body to the ground. Hilo became enraged and jammed his thumbs into the new-life spys hard eye sockets. He pressed for all he was worth even as he was struck on the back of the head by its free arm. He begain to howl out what I can only assume to be loud orcish profanities and insults, or maybe just cries of anger and rage as he continued to push his thumbs deeper. I took the sword, and even though admittedly I am useless with a blade, I did my best to strike it’s arms and legs and cause damage. Hilo finally collapsed as we all swarmed in to strike it’s exposed body and pull Hilo to safety. Lucky the fight had gone out of the new life almost simultaneously as the Orc. I got in close and tried to take one last thing from it. I stole its dieing thoughts. All it could think about as it passed on was a deep worry regarding its possessions. It seems it’s initial confident assassination attempt had turned into a panicked struggle to stay alive, just to keep a possession from falling into our hands. A quick search revealed why.

It had a set of tablets, reports, talking about us and the church, and information about the DC we had found the remains of. It said the DC was a new and advanced type capable of moving about freely where the previous kinds could not. It seemed we had found the DC’s folly. Closer to home however was troubling info regarding us. The New Life had been dismayed to learn that they no longer had anything to blackmail us with since our recent contact with the church, and they may even have spread around the desire for our assassination. We argued long into the night over the wording, what the New Lives position could be, if they really wanted us dead or if they were only considering it, and most importantly what to do. Eventually Jiri put his foot down and ordered us on towards Seldec to deliver our initial care package, with a copy of the spys report added. We didn’t feel brave enough to stick around for their response after telephoning it off though a stone, so we just took off straight for pevnost. Currently Hilo has the New Life corpse under watch and plans are to show it to the church official who is overseeing the powersite. I just hope we haven’t dug our graves today. Well. Their graves anyway. I’m just some brewer after all. The only New Life to see me in action is now dead. That’s at least some comfort.


A+ good log would read again

Why can't we all just get along?!

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