The trouble with Elves

After returning to the surface and to Pevnost, we spent a few days for Fulframent get some bed rest. Our luck seemed to have returned to us as Olloth didn’t make things worse this time.
With everyone recovered we set back out to retrieve the horses – which, if anyone ever asked us about we spun the story of how we graciously allowed the Church to borrow them. We returned to the power site and let Olloth teleport us back to the forest cave in the far north, returned to the surface and retrieved our horses from the church’s and started the long trek home.
We took our usual route home stopping to rest in Omice for a day to try and pick up more any news and the like. There wasn’t any new news to hear, no new gossip in the upper circles of society or happenings from abroad. We continued on to Zabr, where things began to get interesting.
Fulframent, as his usual, went to find news about his home from any of his own kind. What he ended up finding out was that an elf had stayed at the inn a week before, and the description matched Tithdirdon’s. With that news we set off to Pevnost, staying in our usual stop in the abandoned town. It’s been two years since we found the zombies in the basement, and about that long since we ran into that overly large wolf. After our time spent on Jakob island we felt we had to investigate.
The next day we started to search the town once more, eventually finding a small opening into the earth which seemed to be part of the old mines there. I was the first to enter, making sure it was safe for the others. The timbers seemed to be holding up well enough at the moment, but several paths were caved in. As we continued we began to hear the sound of scurrying rodents, and we soon spotted one of the things: a rat, a massive rat. Normally Fulframent would just let Beliya go at a rodent, but this was the size of a small dog! Fulframent shot it dead, but we all got the same feeling that it was like the deer of Jakob island.
Eventually we reached a door that Olloth said separated us from something magical, and sinec we were already here, why stop? The door was locked and chained, but the lock seemed to be in working order so I called for Kral to work it open. We awkwardly maneuvered to let Kral up front and in a flash the lock fell away. The door opened for us with only a little resistance, and inside were two very old bodies, long decomposed, and a slab of stone with what would have been an ornate iron cover back a hundred years ago. We knew it had to be something from the necromancers, it just had that feel about it, but we couldn’t just leave it untouched. We decided to treat it with caution: Fearing poisonous vapors as we had encountered Olloth contained the air around it and I started to lift the cover with my war hammer. The damn thing was heavy, so I just moved it clear to be done with it.

It looked.. odd, three prongs, one shorter than the other, with rings hanging down. It looked like a helm. Yes, a helm, a helm for a leader. Fulframent looked it over, and started to look at the bodies, but… he kept looking back at it, we all were. A helm, for the leader… why couldn’t they see that was what it was?
It took me a moment to realize that all of these thoughts were not my own. I was about to suggest that we leave but Fulframent beat me too it. We covered it quickly and left. Just another thing to report to Miroslav.
A few days later we were at the power site on the way home. Miroslav was there for once, but he didn’t look well at all. We started to discuss our findings and he told us of his problems. There were a two attacks on the power site’s patrolls a week ago. All they knew was that it was the work of an archer who after the fight recovered his arrows. The second time though he didn’t finish all of the scouts, and they managed to bring back some of the arrows. Fulframent confirmed that they were of elven make. This didn’t look good, had Tithdirdon gone mad? It didn’t seem like it could happen, he was far more bookish than a stealthy woodsman. We set off for home promising Miroslav to investigate. I didn’t tell him the helm spoke to me.
Tolui greeted us on our return and ushered us inside to tell us of happenings while we were gone. He said there had been a figure snooping around the village’s walls, and when Tolui went to investigate he only found a note that said to destroy after reading. Someone in the party made a jab at him for not holding onto it until we returned, but Tolui did the right thing in my book. He relayed the following message:
Meet me at the meaty place where the gate was born on this date -T.
He meant the old keep that we had found years ago, it had been a bandit hold out and after we had cleared it we used the site to salvage stone. On the date in the note we took our horses to the keep, letting Fulframent go first to chat with him. The door was barred but after a few moments he let us in. He elf looked crazed.
We spent some time to calm him down, and also subtly check him over. Fulframent confirmed that he still didn’t seem like he would be a skilled stealthy archer, but the contents of his quiver confirmed it – his arrows were domestic, and hardly any seemed to match together, and more importantly none of them were of elven make.
He had much to tell us, he had learned too much, had gotten attention from high up. The Northern Council, something akin to the crown of our country, wanted him dead and had sent an assassin.
They had fallen to the same sway as the Necromancers had a hundred years earlier.
All of his notes from his years of study had been destroyed, but he still remembered much of it. He shared what he could, and we shared what we knew.
We have an assassin to catch, a corrupt and powerful circle of elven necromancers to deal with, and the growing threat from the Dead Continent. And I still am thinking about that helm…



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