Early Spring 507

sleepy sleepers

The group returns to the new world to explore more now that The Church has an expedition camp there. During the long dark march to the camp Fulframent is accosted by Vit who seems to have some sort of fear/paralyzing power which he uses to grab Fulfy without resistance. Fulframent is found in the “morning” remembering little and having some small scabs on his forehead. Despite the unsettling encounter, the group marches on and reaches the Church’s camp. After passing through the camp the group decides to visit the nearest sleeper marked on the map, but the creature they encounter is severely damaged and any magic presented to it is rapidly sucked dry as its massive body attempt to slowly heal. The next sleeper found is half submerged in semi-molten rock. With supplies running low everyone decides to return to the Church’s camp to resupply.

Meanwhile, back in Pevnost the new expanded town wall is finished.



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