Pevnost is a small village situated in the southern hills of Morava. A small keep on the western edge of the village looks over a roughly circular arrangement of houses and a small church surrounding an open area in the middle of the village. The east side of the village has a large disused barn and a pond used as an irrigation reservoir. A wooden palisade surrounds the village.

Key Statistics As of Summer 507
Population: 119
Efficiency: 0.1
Surplus Labour: 12 (per quarter)
Town Funds: 2500sc
see Items and Economics for more details


Pevnost 506d

Little is known about Pevnost prior to the Necromancer War as all records for the region were lost in the chaos of that time period. Surviving government documents and maps simply indicate a village named Pevnost at its current location, and that it was part of a domain ruled by the Thrane family.

Outlying Areas
The village is surrounded by farm fields and situated on the southern half of a shallow river valley. Dense patches of oak and small rocky outcroppings line the sides of the valley.

Notable Structures & Locations

This village has an old keep on its western edge. The keep is about 30′ × 30′ and has 4 levels plus a basement. Although quite old, it was renovated shortly before the necromancer wars to include more sanitary washrooms, glass windows, wood stoves, and improved weatherproofing. The keep is quite ugly from the outside, resembling little more than an undercoated stone box dotted with irregularly placed narrow windows. Each floor of the keep contains the following:

  • Basement: Storage, holding cell, secret vault
  • Main Floor: Small entry hall, dining hall, kitchen
  • Second Floor: 7 small quarters, washroom
  • Third Floor: 4 spacious quarters with washroom
  • Fourth Floor: Master suite (bedroom, study, washroom), guest suite
  • Roof: Battlement

Old Barn
Second only to the keep in size, this large long barn dominates the eastern edge of the village. The barn is currently divided into a few sections used for food storage and home for 3 donkeys, 5 goats, and a few dozen chickens that roam the area.

Town Wall
A simple wooden palisade surrounds the town. The wall is simple and contains no battlements or archery platforms at this time. A large 10’ wide gate on the north side of the wall serves as the main entrance to the village, while two smaller 6’ wide gates to the south and east provides a secondary entries.


1 Life quality represents the general comfort and living conditions in the village. Sanitation, housing quality, food quality and quantity, security, and a variety of other factors combine to make up this rating.

2 Harvest outlook is the best estimates by the farmers of the size and quality of this year’s main harvests. A poor harvest will see a food shortfall, a fair harvest will safely feed the village, and a good harvest will provide a excess of food for export or storage._!!


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