“New-Life” is the general name for a group or type of creatures first encountered in the Sea Cave. Resembling the creatures encountered in the power-site, but intelligent and communicative. The actual name for these creatures or their group is yet unknown. They have local names and speak the local language, this is either something they have adopted or a sign of local human heritage. New-life’s main population centre or base is a place called The Burrow, which is accessible by teleporter stone but it is unknown where the actual base is.


The total population of this race is unknown, but is estimated to be under 200.

New life “facts”

  • Were once part of the same group as the necromancers, but ended up fighting against them.
  • Fought against The Church at the end of the necromancer wars
  • Lost their ability to reproduce or make more of them selves sometime during or after the war.
  • Have spent the last few decades experimenting on human children with poor results.
  • Will or currently no longer need to conduct any human experimentation, linked with “shell project” which appears to be the (temporary?) conquest of the Pevnost Power-Site.


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