Creatures and Races

Humans are known to live on a variety of continents in the known world and come in many different shades and cultures. Humans are believed to be the most populous and diverse of races.

Hailing from a far away continent in the far north west, the elves are fairly diverse them selves, second only to humans. The high-elves of the north are a calm and stoic culture, while the jungle elves at the equator are a passionate and boisterous people. Elves physically resemble humans but live much longer and are more adept at magic.

The dwarves mostly inhabit a series of frozen islands in the far south of the world. They are a hard working race that prefers to live deep underground and can be completely self-sufficient without need for the surface. They are isolationist and known for their bouts of permanent insanity and extreme emotions when pushed past their breaking point, but are otherwise stable and hard working until then. Dwarves do not take naturally to magic but do use it.

Orcs primarily live on the continent north of Enthem in small, often warring, city states or as an integrated part of the human nations that share the continent with them. Orc mercenaries are sought after around the world, and many nations buy young orcs to raise as soldiers. Although stereotyped as only useful as powerful warriors, orcs are no less intelligent or magically adept than humans.

The vast goblin hoards infest the jungles and deserts of the world, constantly being pushed back and contained by what ever peoples they border. They are considered a species not possessing quite enough intelligence to be regarded as a true civilization.

These small creatures seem to be an offshoot of humans, their origin is unknown but they are only found on a few small islands in Eastern Enthem where they are mostly ignored.

Ancient Wizards
Legend says that before the current races of the world there was an ancient race of wizards who either created or elevated the current known races and then vanished. They left behind many ruins and much of the world’s understanding of magic. Humans believe these wizards were an ancient immortal race of humans, while the elves believe they are the direct or closely related descendants of the ancient wizards while the humans were a lesser servant race.

Not a technical race, but a group of mostly human mages who practised the dark arts of necromancy, and in the process were them selves transformed into powerful immortal beings. They created many undead abominations, mostly during the necromancer wars.

  • Zombies: slow animated dead, created via a contagious plague.
  • Flesh Golems: A diverse category of undead ranging from huge walking siege equipment to humanoid sized soldiers to winged flying horrors.

Unknown Creatures
Some sort of huge ugly bird-dragon thing encountered in the new-world. After being eaten by the Sleeper it was determined to be of possible necromancer or new-life origin. The creature its self seems slightly magical or contains magical energy of some sort.

See new-life section for information.

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Creatures and Races

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