Helping the Colonel
Beach fun!

Asked by Col. Stanislav Rizman to help scout the region, the party agrees to travel to the south west and explore along the coastline for any signs of populated villages or raider bases and camps. Stopping in Enim on the way then traveling from the hills down to the flat grasslands near the coast that were once productive farmland but are now wild and over-grown, the players eventually reach the sea. After exploring along the coast for a few hours the party finds a set of stairs down the clay cliffs that make up most of the shore. Hilo Vruk decides to go for a relaxing swim with the others explore the area. Fulframent is alerted by his hawk to something potentially dangerous in the area and upon investigating along with the rest of the party, minus Hilo who is now sun-bathing and drying off, are attacked by some sort of huge lizard. After a bloody fight in which most receive injuries, the entire party cripples and then slays the beast. Exhausted and wounded, the party retreats to a grove of trees to make camp for the night.

Everything worked out!
Safe at last?

Tithdirdon and the party investigate the power site and enter into previously unexplored areas of the structure. Inside they find the actual core of the power site and attempt to investigate it but it is far beyond any of their ken. Suddenly, monsters come running down the hall the way the group came and they fight their way out, not wanting to be trapped inside. The party is assaulted by many horrific creatures, the most dangerous of which is what appears to be a head on the end of an extremely long spine, it’s body always out of sight. The face chases them while firing poisoned darts and the group barely escapes to the surface carrying a wounded and unconscious Tithdirdon. With the site now over-run with monsters they bunker down in their village and wait for the worst.

After about a week of being on guard the party’s fears are realized when a huge storm begins to grow, centered on the power site. What begins as a storm turns into days of pitch darkness without even moonlight. The village is evacuated to Enim and the party stays behind to investigate. Upon arriving at the power site the party finds hundreds of charred bodies, roaming zombies, and two massive slender undead guardians. Feeling them selves over their heads, the party returns to their village only to be forced into further retreat by strange balloon-like creatures.

After a few days in Enim, the weather begins to turn for the better and the party decides to travel back to their village. Upon arriving in the village they find daylight and their buildings intact, other than a single strange box-like creature that they destroy resulting in damage to their large barn. Moving on to the power site, they find the guardians gone and The Church in control of the area with the aid of local militias. With the power-site storm gone and the village seeming safe, the villagers are allowed to return to their homes.

After everyone has settled back in, communication is established with the military and the General’s aid, Col. Stanislav Rizman (one of the officials they told their story to) informs the party that he is in charge of the area now and is happy to have finally confirmed the party’s accusations of conspiracy. He tells them that Lord Milan Nemcova has been exposed and has fled the country and that he had plans to kill the party and perhaps even wipe out their village.

With the power site under control, the conspiracy exposed, and the military as an ally securing the area the party finally feels hopeful that their village can become secure and prosperous.

Shit gets REAL
awww hell naww

Shortly after discovering the power site, the party makes friends with a village to the south called Enim lead by Ales Ventluka who suggests the party goes back to the capital to inform them of their plight and perhaps even receive aid and support. The players eventually do head to the capital and attempt to speak with various important political figures, but no one can quite believe their story ass official reports indicate no one lives in the area other than very small amounts of bandits and fugitives not worth searching for. The power site is never mentioned as the party hopes to keep it a secret, but they meet a mysterious elf explorer, Tithdirdon, who they quickly spill the beans about everything to. Tithdirdon warns them to be extremely careful with their information and subtly black-mails them into allowing him to join them. The party realizes that the only way the entire western half of the county could be kept a secret so long is through a massive conspiracy at the highest levels of government, and they may be in danger now that they have told every senior official in the government about the situation. The party quickly returns to Pevnost with a sense of imposing doom between the government conspiracy and the dangerous power site.

The first games

The game began in the city of Omice where the party assembled, bought supplies, and set out into the unknown in the search of Jiri Thrane’s inherited village. Along the way they encountered a small group of bandits, a spooky abandoned village where a dire wolf attacked them and then zombies were found in a church basement, and what seemed to be a large organized group of raiders operating near their final destination. Finally the party arrives at Pevnost and finds the village inhabited but ruled by an oppressive foreigner, Tolui Koberidze and a few of his henchmen. Rather than fighting it out, the party solves their first major potential conflict through negotiation by allowing Tolui to stay in the village and retain some of his power as a sort of manager or magistrate and his henchmen made into the town guard.

After almost a century, the village has been successfully re-claimed by a Thrane but the party’s problems continue to grow. Tolui explains that powerful raiders expect yearly tributes in grain and the village is not allowed to have walls or a militia. The party decides to bide their time and play along with the raiders, presenting them with tribute this year, but preparing to rebel the next.

Exploring the area, the party finds a small ruined keep to the east that is full of supplies and they gladly liberate them from what they assume are bandits. Days afterwards the town is attacked by an invisible mage and a small group of bandits who are all killed or captured. The mage named Albina Linvega pleads for his life and offers the location of his groups other supply cache’s in exchange for being let go and promises to never be seen again. The party, after much argument and deliberation, decide to let him go and enjoy his loot, badly needed food and supplies.

Months after being set free, a ragged Albina returns to Pevnost begging for their help. Once again the players are not keen to trust him, but he claims to have found one of the ancient sites of power but needs their help to investigate it. The party agrees and makes a short journey north to the site where strange monstrous guardians are fought with, and an even stranger creature is slain deeper within the facility. Albina begins trying to use a large magical device the moment the players are distracted but is seemingly killed, either by the players interrupting his magic, or the device being too much for him to control.


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