Moon Pt3
There's no time for this!

The group decides to find the potential equipment cache a few weeks away from Min-ussu-as. After a boring but unnerving journey the group found a large pipe near the edge of the structure they were within and followed it. Eventually a “cave” of some sort was found, seemingly melted into the side of the structures. The “cave” lead past a huge bird-like construct that seemed to be dead or dormant. After some long searching, some sort of warehouse or manufacturing centre is found, along with dessicated bodies armour. The group aquired 2 swords not unlike the one they found years ago in the pevnost power-site, 3 long guns with 3 boxes of shot each, a large shoulder-cannon type weapon, and pendants of some sort.

After defeating the mega-bird (who rudely burst through the wall) using their new weapons, the group headed back to Min-ussu-as to consult about the items found and what to do next.

Moon Pt2

Days of navigating through the moon’s interior. A guardian is tipped over, a spiral is climbed, and a giant mundane skull is spoken to. Does the skull know what’s up, or is the group once again being manipulated?


Moon Pt1
On the moon we have 6... thousand

The group is in the moon. They must reach a specific building a month away. Something is shooting at them. The moon is very dead and gray, but at least there are food-bricks and water. Kral considered a secret mission to stop the shooting.


Kral’s Mission
Something had to be done about the giant moon rending megabeam that was targeting the group. Each blast was a little closer, and with a beam that big it didn’t need to be horribly accurate. Kral decided to to strike out on his own and subdue the source of the beam, whatever it may be. He wasn’t expected to return. Before he left, he removed his magical armor having a hunch it might be working against him. He also nicked fulfs telescope, sorry fulf.

It was easy to find the source of the beam. Firing it had left a giant tunnel down through buildings. Apparently whoever was shooting could see the group through miles of thick walls and metal. Kral emerged to a large surface of sorts, with very little on it. He discovered a burnt out and cracked orb, and the outline of large feet in scorch marks on the ground. Apparently such a devastating weapon was being fired by someone on two legs. That was not what Kral expected. In the distance he spotted what could have been a standing man. He did his best to sneak toward it.

Getting closer Kral could see it was a tall creature looking very much like a new life. It stood with its back turned, looking through a large device. Thinking it might be the gunner, Kral wanted to take no chances and just assassinate it and wonder about it later. He drew two pistols and approached silently, thinking to blow its brains out point blank from behind.

Suddenly a strange loud chirping noise emitted from the creatures device and it quickly turned. Kral unloaded both guns into its face. After tipping the dead creature over, Kral observed the symbol of The Order on its armor. New lives had somehow got to the moon. The device did not seem to be a gun, but looking through it Kral could see a blob of light in the distance. It seemed to be able to spot magic, so his hunch about removing his armor may have saved his life. The blob of light visible through the tripod like scope moved off. The gunner Kral assumed. He used the device to track the gunner to a large canyon. The new life was very large with a long gun replacing one arm. It looked far too armored and powerful to fight head on, so Kral used all his gunpowder and bombs and combined them in the metal tin the cracked orb had been in. He climbed down the canyon and snuck up behind the gunner, placing the explosive right under it before sneaking away again. He braced himself and threw a bola, which slung uselessly around the heavy new life. It turned and fired. Luckily the beam it fired was much smaller then before, and Kral dodged it into cover. Then he heard the explosion.

The bomb had gone off and the new life was gone. The bolas had distracted it enough that it seemingly didn’t notice until it was too late. Not willing to assume anything, Kral used the stolen magic spotter to survey the canyon. A faint magic signature seemingly miles down in the dark canyon confirmed that the gunner had gone over the edge. Kral thanked gravity for doing his work for him and set out to return to the group, taking the stolen tripod.

DC Mini-Update
Just the facts!
  • Party arrived at what is allegedly the primary DC mind-structure.
  • Explored and found gross samples of some sort on tables, dead necromancers.
  • The duck died.
  • Hands were put on a heart, opening a door and creating a DC-response.
  • DC response creatures chased party down a long flight of stairs, many were killed by jamming them up at the bottom of the stairs behind Hilo’s shield then tossing over a couple incendiary bombs.
  • Huge ruined semi-funtioning industrial facility found, DC structures seem to be parasitically attached to many areas. Switched a power-site from powering a machine to instead power a teleporter.
  • 2 power-sites shunted to the teleporter, 2 more to go.
Mid Fall 507
Creepin' and Peepin'

Stuck in some sort of huge dwarven basement full of toxic smoke the group decided it was best to get out of there as soon as possible. After waiting for the stone to re-charge, everyone went back to the Pevnost power-site after grabbing what they could of the new-life supplies in the area. Deciding that the very active new-life occupied dwarven structure to be the source of the intruder they were searching for, they still pressed on to the last site on their list. “Site D” was yet another stone block constructed underground structure of some sort. Within the teleporter room were signs of combat but the tracks seemed fairly old. Balashi warned the group that there were feint moving magical signatures in the area. DC response creatures were soon encountered when exploring beyond the teleporter chamber, two “fat claw” types that seemed to move slower than previously encountered types. The two monsters were quickly dispatched but more were detected on the way. After some additional fighting and exploring the site seemed secure but sadly without much interest. The group found an old heat-stone along with a bedroll and supplies within the structure, leading them to believe it was perhaps the very site mentioned in the infamous “Prieur’s Log”. To confirm their suspicions they trekked east from the site and sure enough found the burnt remains of an old hunting cabin. Although disturbed by their finding, they were also slightly disappointed by the lack of any interesting clues or artifacts. Perhaps it is more disturbing that the maddening evil that once resided here is mobile.

Taking a well deserved break from underground horror, the ruling clique of Pevnost enjoyed harvest season for a couple weeks while creating more gas-protective suits. With Kral securing the exotic materials and parts required, Hilo fabricating the suits and masks, and everyone else pitching in they hopefully created some effective protective outfits. With their inquisitor gone (but apparently still alive) and the government and reformed church busy fighting a religious war the group began to feel alone in their fight against the Dead Continent. Perhaps it is time to make a bold move and attempt the first leg of their journey to the moon, a trip to the heart of the Dead Continent in search of the ancient teleporter that will allegedly transport them off this world.


After the BOOTY was divided up fairly and legally the group took stock of the now captured power site. Hilo Vruk found some still-smouldering documents and books near the top of the power-site dome and was able to save parts. Although most of the saved documents were useless, a few surviving pieces seemed to indicate that the strange triangular helm the group found the previous year had gone missing on its way to the local cathedral. Wondering who burned the documents when they had killed or captured everyone in the site, the party soon determined someone had used the teleporter some time after their arrival. Olloth and Balashi worked together over the day to try to determine where the last user teleported to and managed to at least narrow the search down to 4 sites.

The first site was made up of a simple brown stone tunnels ending in a stairwell. The stairs down were flooded while the stairs up lead to a secret door to the surface. Despite detecting something fairly magical at the bottom of the stairs, the group was unable (OR UNWILLING) to attempt to investigate. The surface outside of the site seemed to match Moravia but it was unknown exactly where in the country it was, although a huge river meeting the sea narrows it down to just a few possible locations.

The next site was not explored due to a large group of unknown possibly undead or construct creatures on the other side of a door. PodvodnĂ­k Kral managed to keep the door closed during the 15 min the teleporter took to recharge, at which point the group left.

The third site was a massive open space supported by a grid of pillars, possibly underground. The teleporter stone its self was not in an enclosed room, but simply placed within a grid of the pillars with a slight dome carved into the ceiling. Immediately on entry the group came under attack by a variety of new-life creatures. Despite being out-numbered the group managed to use the ample chest-high cover to their advantage, and to their surprise and luck managed to set off a chain reaction of exploding crates that drove most of the surviving new-life away. With the fighting over, the group sets out to take stock of the area and investigate their location.

Battle For The Power-Site
Spoiler: they won

Moravian Reformists attack the Church-held Power Site.

Attacking Commander: Jiri Thrane
Forces: 200 Moravian troops on loan from Prince Miloslav Klaus
70 Local South-Moravian village levies
30 seasoned bowmen

Defending Commander: Unknown
Forces: 80 veteran Church soldiers, mostly from Galo
4 Senior Church Mages

Attacking commander and entourage teleport inside the power-site via the Sedlec temple teleporter at first light, attempting to time their infiltration to the general attack. General attack starts poorly as the power-site is protected by powerful defensive and offensive magic. Despite being slightly late, the small group is able to eliminate the 4 senior church mages within the power-site, sending the defending forces (which had been benefiting heavily from magic) into panic and allowing the attacking troops to breach and overwhelm the defender’s compound.

Pevnost Power-Site now controlled by Moravia.
Attacker’s losses: 79 (18 local losses)
Defender’s losses: 50
Spoils: 88 units of food worth ~3500sc
Weapons and Armour worth ~3000sc
Tools and other supplies worth ~2000sc
8500sc total

Early Fall 507
Event triggered

Deciding not to work with The Order, Jiri and his diverse group of single male friends decided to use the ethereal teleporter and escape the ice caves. PodvodnĂ­k Kral was unable to break the ice with Dusan Odporny and instead left an explosive trip-line trap for them but it is unknown if the trap was successful.

After returning home to Pevnost Miroslav Adamek once again said he would be on an important assignment and unavailable for a while. Things became more worrisome when a new Inquisitor showed up to seemingly take Miroslav’s place and began asking suspicious questions about Miroslav to everyone. Jan Kubice was especially interrogated by the new inquisitor and was left quiet and scared afterwards, continuously telling the group to simply keep their heads down in the coming months.

What occurred in the next few weeks shocked the world. On the 30th anniversary of the burning at the stake of a large number of reform-minding church members in Boihaemum (a move today unofficially looked back upon as heavy-handed by most of the church) a large group of church officials held a small and non-inflammatory or political memorial to the hundreds killed. The council at the Tower of Girus did not approve and demanded the lords and King of Boihaemum to denounce the memorial and for the church members involved to recant their “heresy” and await punishment. When the nobility and priests of Boihaemum attempted to diplomatically ignore the official church request, all priests involved were summoned to The Tower for trial. Fearing the trial would be nothing more than a quick death sentence, the nobility petitioned the Emperor him self to guarantee the lives of the priests and lenient and fair punishments. Despite the church agreeing to the Emperor’s demands, all arrested were given a quick show trial at which they could not speak, and were all burned.

When news of the priests executions reached Boihaemum the nobility and much of the clergy were enraged and a bold letter of protest was written and signed by a large portion of them. The Tower council then ordered the Emperor to revoke the titles of all signatories, further inflaming the situation. Violence broke out as reform-minded clergy, supported by the majority of the Empire’s nobility, formally declared that they no longer recognized the Tower Council’s authority and had convened their own reformist council. Uncooperative nobility within the Empire found them selves under arrest or reformist siege. With the Empire in civil and religious war the Tower Council demanded the Emperor give them full control over his armies in order to restore religious unity, under threat of the revocation of his title of Emperor. Finally having enough of the Church’s threats the Emperor formally sided with the reformist movement and quickly helped enforce reformist unity within the Empire. Despite flowering in the Empire, the reformist movement now must stand up against the combined forces of the entire continent as the church has called a crusade to invade the Empire and stamp out the reformation.

The local situation near Pevnost during this chaos saw The Church’s defences at the Power Site rotate out most of its locally-raised troops and replace them with foreign and hopefully more loyal troops from outside the Empire. Once fighting had broken out within the empire, the power site’s fortifications had been reinforced and the forces there hunkered down for a siege. Not wanting The Church so close to their village and wanting to show support for the reformation, the group decided to launch an attack to ‘liberate’ the Power Site and were given 200 men by the prince to help accomplish it. Despite less than 100 men defending the Power Site, the group is worried about their chances due to the potential high number of powerful church mages guarding it.

Late Summer 507
Cool as Ice

After returning to the Orc Ruin after a month, the group met with Balashi to discuss formal information sharing. The Elemitian delegates agreed to share everything they know about the ancient wizards as well as the dead continent, in exchange the The Church agreed to do the same. Despite no longer needing help learning how to use the teleporation stones, the Elemitians gave the address tablet to the group. Balashi, no longer officially bound to the orc ruin dig site, volunteered to join the group as an official Elemitian observer and to lend his skills to future endeavors relating to the Dead Continent.

An important Elemitian discovery was shared with the group: they had traced the source of some pottery known to come from a lost civilization from the far north of what is now the Dead Continent and matched it to one of the teleportation addresses from the tablet. To make things even more interesting, the Elemitians said that legends indicate that this civilization was ruled by an ancient mage that possibly could have survived due to it and its people’s isolationist culture. Upon hearing about this location, the group returned to Pevnost hoping to quickly ready them selves to investigate, and report to the Church first of course.

Upon arriving at the chosen address the group was shocked more violently than usual as well as scalded by a cloud of steam. The stone was not set properly inside a chamber, but instead sat on an angle in the middle of a icy mountain plateau.
After the teleporter cooled off the group noticed deep ruts in the ice leading up a hill strewn with garbage and horrible dead DC creatures. With the teleporter taking days to charge, the group had no choice but to follow the trail of garbage and investigate its source: a nearby cave.
The cave its self did not seem welcoming, as a pile of DC bones had been built into a small cairn with a large horrible scull placed atop.

Despite the grim cairn, the group ventured into the ice caves, following a slowly growing warmth emanating from deeper within.
Ice caves
Eventually after about 15 min of walking the group came to an impossibly massive cavern filled with huge spire-like constructions and dominated by a glowing fountain of energy at least 200’ high.
Ice nuts
After approaching the fountain a part of it erupted into a huge wave that seemed to crash down on the party, forming into the outline of a towering oddly proportioned humanoid form. Shortly after, more forms appeared accompanied by hundreds of small floating orbs. The attention of the giant figures produced headaches, dizziness, and bleeding eyes and noses and in Jiri Thrane’s case, a loss of consciousness. Not knowing if these creatures were hostile or not, the group decided to grab Jiri and fall back.

After gaining some distance on the huge figures, Jiri awoke and announced he had been in some sort of communication with the creatures while unconscious. The creatures seemed to know the group was looking for a way to stop the cycle of the Dead Continent and implanted all the knowledge needed to do so Jiri’s head. Jiri explained that he now knew that they must travel to the moon and activate or correct some huge machine there which should properly destroy the DC’s mind-fragments once and for all. But to get to the moon they would have to travel to the ruins of the old capital of the ancient mages and find a massive teleporter, which unfortunately is currently the location of the largest DC struture on the continent. To make matters worse, the air is toxic both inside the moon and on the Dead Continent, so some sort of breathing apparatuses will be required for the time spent there. Jiri also said that forces may attempt to trick or convince them into activating additional machines in the moon, but under no circumstances should the group do this as it would result in the destruction of the world. While Jiri was explaining all this, a large group of glowing orbs had begun to flock around Fulframent’s head and eventually a long thin white worm-like object was unpleasantly extracted from his head, obviously something left there by his encounter with Vit the previous year.

On the way out of the caves the group heard the tell-tale thunderous sounds and shaking of the damaged teleporter being activated and soon met a strange “man” at the mouth of the cave. The man acted extremely strangely and kept asking what they were told by the cave entities. When the group would not tell him anything, the “man” attacked them, revealing that it was some sort of new-life creature in a poor disguise. With no time to really think about how stupid this creature’s plan was, a large group of new-life creatures entered the cavern. Broucek and Dusan Odporny along with a few others and a large number of Order Puppets began to surround the group while demanding to know what the energy-fountain told them. Despite the use of threats, Dusan eventually became more diplomatic and offered a truce between them if they would simply share the information. Jiri hesitantly agreed but Dusan informed them that they will require Jiri’s brain. Not wanting his brain probed, the group decided to make a run for it, firing their guns wildly at Dusan and the cave ceiling. Surprisingly the group actually managed to escape and ran all the way back to the energy-fountain. The puppets that chased them were all destroyed some how by the energy-fountain, and it was clear that The Order was not welcome here. Not only did the energy-fountain eliminate the perusing puppets, but they some how created a teleportation stone for them to escape with. Feeling much better bargaining position, the group and Dusan began to negotiate once again. Dusan made a promise to cooperate against the DC and to promise their safety if they could simply have access to the knowledge implanted in Jiri’s mind. The group was wary about giving The Order any more help after giving them a library that has made them extremely powerful and aggressive, but at the same time realize The Order would be a powerful ally and possibly essential ally. Also Jiri does not want his mind painfully probed or any worms implanted in his brain!

Summer 507 II
Hiatus Over!

Searching the caves below the ruins after the goblin attack, the group finds a large unlocked double door with damage on the opposite side. The area seem to be a small burial complex, with mixed prvotni script and orcish carvings. There is a body missing from the main tomb and signs of it being dragged away down an exit hallway. Exiting the complex and following the hallway with the drag marks, the party finds it slopes downwards into a flooded section which is impassible due to not just the water alone, but goblins which seem to be quite at home in the water and nearly drowns Fulframent. Doubling back, the party investigates another tomb which they find wrapped in rope and rocks piled upon its lid as if the goblins were attempting to keep something inside. Opening the tomb there was what seemed to be an orc completely sealed in an airtight outfit including a helmet with an attachment for a flexible tube of some sort. Also in the strange orc’s tomb are some ceremonial weapons, and some long metal cylinders which seem to attach to the orc’s helmet’s tube system. Of course the goblin’s restraints were in fact keeping something at bay, as shortly after opening the tomb and examining the body, it takes a deep breath and arises. “RUN!” the orc shouts, perhaps as a warning, or perhaps to add some sport to its impending hunt. The orc wizard casts some strange spells and fires lightning at Hilo, who is protected by his shield. Instead of running, the group all out attacks the creature. Hilo’s magical shield destroys the wizard’s shield bubble and the rest of the party piles in to quickly slaughter the creature before it has time to cast more spells. After being defeated Kral quickly takes most of the wizard’s usual attire as Balashi warns that there is a extreme magical reaction occurring inside the body of the wizard. After leaving the room for a while the group decides the investigate what is going on and finds the corpse of the wizard bloated up into a cocoon-like mass of leathery flesh. Attempts to set the mass alight are met with failure, and provoke a razor sharp arm bursting through the cocoon. The group decides that fighting some sort of DC creature is not on the itinerary for today and decide to simply lock the doors and leave.

After returning to the surface the group sits down to discuss what to do next with their host, Balashi. Balashi informs them that his time at the site will be officially coming to an end in about a month as he will be replaced by a more senior official, and suggests the two groups work together to pool their knowledge on the growing DC threat. Balashi sends a letter home, while the Pevnost Power Pals teleport back home to report to their “boss”, Miroslav Adamek. Miroslav agrees that working with the foreigners is required, and that the group must secure the strange tablet found by Balashi as it contains a large set of teleportation addresses.

In a month the group is to return to the Orcish ruin to meet with Balashi and see what his government is willing to share and trade.

Also Kral stole a bunch of Elemitian weapons and equipment.


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