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Map section -1014.9 -5108.3 north to -1019 -5090.6 now contains significant Church activity. Town at -1014.9 -5108.3 (Pevnost) has allied with the Inquisition meaning a loss of this potential blackmail option in regard to their mage and other questionable actions over the last years. Assassination of leadership group at this point would still be a risky operation but must be weighed against the potential risks created through their full cooperation with the Church.

A DC scout from an unknown stone belonging to the T9 lineage was encountered at -1017.2 -5098.4 and was destroyed as the opportunity presented its self. The T9 showed increased elements of the response project morphology, most likely allowing it greater or even indefinite operations in this biosphere. A new type of T9 unit operating outside of basic network response reflexes is obviously alarming and I believe suggests an increase in DC structure mind re-connectivity or even an awareness of the situation at power-site -1019 -5090.6. It is unknown if DC is “aware” of -1076 -5604.6.


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