Burrow Maps&Books

Rolls of maps and books from the Burrow


Taken form the Burrow, these rolled papers are enclosed in thin metal tubes.

•A map of the general area of the new-world showing the Burrow’s situation at the far south point, built atop a cliff set into the edge of the cave. A path or road is shown leading down and around the edge of the cliff from the Burrow and eventually reaching the bottom of the new-world, where it continues off north.

•A map of the entire new-world cave, stretching from Enthem south to the Dwarven Kingdoms. Many points of interest are shown including: the house, the sleeper, the forest caves lift, a series of fractures and canyons, a magic tether under the sea, an outpost, and a variety of “sleeping” creatures.

•A map of the Dead Continent showing a dense series of dots connected by lines which extend into the sea. Many of the dots have numerical data next to them and there is an obvious difference in the size of dots and thickness of interconnecting lines.

•A detailed series of maps of Enthem from different time periods over the last couple centuries.

•A map of the entire world, showing a rough outline of a large continent south of the Dead continent.

•A map of the moon along with sketches and illustrations of surface details. The map shows a grid of huge panels formed into a sphere.

•A detailed plan of the Burrow showing its floor by floor layout along with a few section views. The burrow has about 30 levels, each level is generally circular with a typical diameter of 200m. A rod of some sort extends upwards from the top of the structure and is most likely a tether.

All books seem to be at least a century old:
•A collection of general history books that would have been common a century ago.
•A book of collected theories and attitudes towards magic from foreign cultures.
•A book on foreign cultures and races in general.
•A small book of basic elven history.
•A small book of far-west human dragon and monster myths.
•A book of dubious quality on strange flora and fauna from far-off lands.
•A book about dwarven ship building and wood working.
•A small ruined book.


Burrow Maps&Books

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