Jiri Thrane

A minor noble and leader of the group, his inheritance has brought the party together


Name: Jiri Thrane
Titles & Honours: Lord of Pevnost, Governor of South Morava
Born: Omice, Morava
Money 250sc

Trait Description
Intelligent +1 to intelligence related checks
Noble Presence +2 to related social checks
Trained Archer +1 to archery
Trained Swordsman +1 to swords
Experienced Hammerer +2 to hammers
Stealthy +1 to sneaking and stealth related actions
Judge of Intent +1 to detecting lies and sensing the motives of others
Talented Diplomat +2 to diplomacy
Basic Law Education Educated in the laws and legal system of the region
Basic Military Tactics Knowledge of fundamental military tactics and methods
Languages Fluent Slovci, good Elvish, basic Urdzunge

Jiri is the youngest son of Teodore and Tinulios Thrane. The Thrane family was once a house with a fair amount of land and wealth before the war against the Necromancers. Since that time they have often been low level bureaucrats in the city of Omice. The claim at Pevnost was rediscovered and reclaimed through legal channels at the insistence of the Lady Thrane, who also insisted that it be her son to bring it back under familial control.

Jiri has two older half brothers from his father’s first marriage.

Jiri Thrane

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