A rogue magic user and mute


Name: Olloth ?
Titles & Honours:
Born: ?

Trait Description
Collected +1 to resist fear, react to surprises, and hide/control emotions
Artist +1 to art related checks, can quickly and accurately sketch maps and scenes
Magic Education +2 to checks related to the history and nature of magic
Basic Medicine +1 to first aid and basic medicine
Basic Survival A basic knowledge of wilderness survival
Basic Weapon Skills Can use most simple weapons without penalty
Skilled Swordsman +2 to swords
Powerful General Magic +3 to general magic attempts from the book “Inergia Arcana”
Trained Magus Medicus +2 to healing magic from extensive study of this book
Mute Character is unable to communicate through speech
Languages Fluent Slovci, Basic Urdzunge, Broken Prvotni


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