Symeon D'or


Name: Symeon D’or
Titles & Honours:
Born: ???, Morava
Money 12sc

Trait Description
Strong +1 to strength related checks
Nimble +1 to dexterity and reaction checks
Higher Education +1 to general academics knowledge checks
Political Skill +1 to knowledge of regional politics and the art of politicking
Larceny +2 to checks related to larceny or the criminal world
Talented Swordsman +2 to swords
Weapon Master +1 to most all common weapons
Talented Negotiator +2 to most social checks, +3 to negotiating trade or business
Novice Seamanship A basic understanding of seamanship allowing checks without penalty
Dabbling Merchant Understands the basics of trade, business, and economics
Languages Fluent Slovci, Fluent Urdzunge, broken Furthark



Symeon D'or

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