Hilo Vruk

A fine educated orcoid about the town


Name: Hilo Vruk
Titles & Honours: Warrant Officer (retired)
Born: Unknown orc village, raised in a mercenary company in southern Boihaemum

Trait Description
Very Strong +2 to strength related checks
Intelligent +1 to intelligence related checks
Very Intimidating +2 to related social checks
Awesome Carpenter +3 to carpentry checks
Competent Smith +1 to metal working checks
Novice Tailor Basic skill in tailoring, can use without penalty
Novice Chemist Basic practical and theoretical understanding of chemistry
Skilled Brawler +2 to unarmed combat
Skilled Thrower +2 to thrown weapons
Expert Hammerer +3 to hammers
Combat Training Basic training in all common weapons, armour, and military equipment
Siege Engineering Knowledge of the design, construction, and use of siege equipment
Social +1 to most social checks
Languages Fluent in Slovci, basic Elvish, broken Orcish, broken Furthark, broken Urdzunge
Hilo Vruk is a typical orc in human lands, sold to a band of human mercenaries at a young age with the intention of being molded into a brutish shock trooper. Instead, he found himself working with the siege engineers as a part of their guard. After earning their respect with his intelligence (and physical size) Hilo ended up becoming a siege engineer himself within this mercenary group. Hilo was extremely lucky. He simply earned the respect of his mercenary group, and they in turn never questioned (beyond some light sarcasm and ribbing) why a big hulking orc was designing and building intricate machines of war. By the time he was ever exposed to any real stereotypes or prejudice his ego was as hard as a rock, and his wit razor sharp. This allowed him to freely study mathematics, reading, language, chemistry, and other pursuits of knowledge that most upper-class humans never even take on. Once the mercenary group disbanded Hilo was well-equipped to take care of himself. Working as a body guard or engineer gave Hilo the freedom to do as he pleased. He’s never really had any exposure to other orcs at all, causing Hilo to stereotype orcs like a typical human would. The people that know Hilo either like him or hate him, generally everyone respects him. He typically avoids having enemies.

Educated and with a sense of humor, and only a few times having to rely on his strength only, avoiding confrontations, taking advantage of the gullibility of others makes Hilo a great ally and a dangerous enemy.

Physically he’s typical for an orc. Large, meaty and strong, he could easily walk into an orc camp and you’d lose him, mainly because you are racist and all orcs look the same to you.

Hilo Vruk

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