Weiss Ass

The only donkey cool enough to get a character sheet


The fine work animal purchased by the Thrane family for the expedition to reclaim the ancestral holdings of Pevnost. Weiss is the animal representation of the party: stubborn, strong, and generally good at avoiding getting killed. At the end of the day the entire village knows that they can depend on this ass.


Little is known about Weiss’ family history, other than he was sired by another donkey named Dummkopf.

  • Brought the party’s equipment to Pevnost, playing an essential role in the reclaiming of the village.
  • Briefly distracted the wizard Albina Linvega resulting in the wizard’s capture. (uncredited)
  • Provided morale and logistics support on dangerous operations to Koda and the Sea Caves.
  • Ongoing training on animal husbandry to the people to Pevnost, who previously had little access to such fine animals.

Weiss Ass

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