Podvodník Kral

"Locks are subjective, and really just a matter of opinion."


Name: Podvodník Kral
Titles & Honours: None
Age: 27
Money: 180

Trait Description
Skilled Brewer +2 to the creation of various alcoholic drinks
Talented Capitalist + 2 to business management and entrepreneurial ventures
Good Agility +2 to checks related to agility
Master Thief +4 to most thieving related actions such as pick-pocketing, lock picking, and sneaking
Talented Climber +2 to climbing
Swimmer +1 to swimming
Talented Subduer +2 to attacks made to quickly subdue others without permanent harm
Dabbling Back-Stabber Basic skills in back-stabbing and generally murdering unaware opponents
Treasure Lore +1 to knowledge related to legendary treasures and items
Skilled Actor +2 to impersonation, lying, or generally hiding one’s true identity or motives
Magical Familiarity A basic familiarity with magic
Supernatural Stealth A passive magical ability that gives a bonus to sneaking and hiding
Knowledge Theft Can steal knowledge or emotional states from others over time via very low-powered and hard to detect magic. The theft is easier the more trusting or unaware the target is.
Languages Fluent Slovci, Fluent Urdzunge, , basic Elvish, broken Furthark

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Podvodník owns property in the town of Pevnost, which he has decided to call his home. His property is a brewery which turns a tidy profit after expenses. He often puts those profits back into the town.



Knowledge Theft Additional Info
The magic of this ability is barely detectable, but that also makes it not very powerful. The ability works best when you can speak with or spend time with the target, specially if you can get them to talk about or express the concept you are attempting to steal. The magic only just barely skims the surface thoughts of the target. Depending on the complexity of the “thing” being stolen, it can require hours to days to accomplish. For example if you were to want to take a bandit leader’s plans for an upcoming raid from him, you could some how gain his trust and speak with him about the plans over dinner, and at the end of it you would know his plans and he may have forgotten them completely. If speaking with the target is not an option, simply shadowing them and watching them for a few hours may be enough, specially if they are thinking about or speaking with others about what you are trying to take. If them forgetting the knowledge you took is not important, the whole process is much quicker and can be as simple as you just tricking them into spilling the beans without realizing it.

Character History

Born in Zabr to Adriana and Artur Kral, Podvodnik Kral was groomed to follow his father’s trade as a freelance thief. He showed promise as a skilled pickpocket and helped his family make ends meet. Unfortunately at the age of 5, Podvodnik lost his home and parents to a freak fire which claimed their lives. A rogue mage happened upon the young and emotionally broken boy and took him under his care. He kept the adoption a secret and continued training Podvodnik as a master thief, undetectable by the church’s magic, and skilled at taking things only obtainable with magic and stealth together. His goal was to have Podvodnik obtain artifacts and secrets from all over the known world. Kral’s training was very successful, and by the age of 14 he was slipping in and out of the highest security areas in the Capital, while leaving no trace or magical signature. Soon the mage had collected so many items of power and ancient knowledge that he had outgrown his lair in the capital and moved to the lawless western territories where he could experiment without any worry of church detection.

After many years in the western regions of Morava the wizard became obsessed with finding the rumoured lost power site of the region, and Podvodnik was sent out to many ancient ruins that has become home to bandits. Despite exploring many ruins and stealing the regional knowledge of many bandits and treasure hunters, Podvodnik was unable to find the lost power-site before the wizard’s gruesome and unexplained death. Podvodnik found the wizard one day, ripped and rended to pieces in his lair with no signs of forced entry and nothing stolen. While searching for clues about his master’s death he discovered a secret journal which revealed that the wizard had actually been responsible for his parents death and the burning of their home, and that his fragile mind had been easily magically manipulated into a state of trust. The old mage had seen Podvodnik as nothing but a tool for furthering his own position while Podvodnik had seen the mage as a father-figure, Podvodniks’ grief was unbearable.

Now alone in the wild western region, Podvodnik used his skills working for local warlords and became quite wealthy by the standards of the region. Souring on the brutal warlords and their mundane tasks that did not challenge his skills, Podvodnik tried to take up entrepreneurship as a hobby. He apprenticed to a skilled but dying old brewer, and slowly took from him the talent he needed to run a business on his own. Unfortunately the west was no place to attempt to start a business, as any village he attempted to put down roots in was either ravaged by opposing warlords, or his business strangled by the local Kleptocracies. Soon though he heard rumours of a group from the capital that had brought law and order to a local village and had managed to survive against the warlords of the region. Later he heard that this same village had discovered the lost power-site and brought down the conspiracy that had kept the west so wild for generations. Intrigued by the new leaders of this village’s penchant for adventure, Podvodnik moved there hoping for a safe site for a business and a chance for real adventure once again.

Podvodník Kral

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