An elf ranger, shipwrecked in Morava.


Name: Fulframent Nindedet
Titles & Honours:

Trait Description
Keen Senses +1 to sense related checks
Good Dexterity +1 to dexterity related checks
Poor Diplomacy -1 to diplomacy and most social checks
Composure +1 to resist fright, react to surprises, and to keep emotions in check
Talented Investigator +2 to examining clues/evidence and solving puzzles
Trained Fletcher Basic skills in making and repairing arrows
Basic Healing Basic knowledge of simple first-aid and cures
Master Archer +4 to archery
Amazing Stealth +4 to stealth
Survival Expert +4 to wilderness survival
Good Fitness +1 to checks related to prolonged athletic activity
Strong Animal Ken +3 to animal ken
Teacher +1 to teaching skills to others

Fulframent Nindedet spent his early life far to the east, training from a young age as a ranger and woodsman. He was selected to serve as a guide on an Elvish sea expedition to a sparsely populated area of Morava, where it was hoped that his orienteering skills would be invaluable in the poorly mapped region. Before the expedition could reach it’s mysterious goal, the ship was wrecked in a storm. Fulframent barely escaped with his life, becoming hopelessly separated from any other elves that might have survived.

Heading into the interior of the country to try and find shelter and civilization, Fulframent made his way to Omice, where he did odd jobs and sold game that he hunted. As word spread through Omice about this novelty, an elf from a distant land, Fulframent met Lord Jiri Thrane. Lord Thrane was one of very few people in Omice to share a language with Fulframent, whose skills in the common tongue of the realm were still very rudimentary.

When Lord Thrane learned of his inheritance, Fulframent immediately volunteered to help guide his friend to his newfound holdings. He has since been a loyal servant, renowned for his marksmanship and keen perception.

Fulframent shares a special bond with his companion, a goshawk named Beliya.


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