Trait Description
Highly Educated +2 to checks related to history, science, and magic
Intelligent +1 to intelligence related checks
Basic Magic Can cast simple spells and use magical devices
Talented Archaeologist +2 to checks related to archaeology
Expert Musketman +3 to the use of muskets, may fire every other round
Trained Swordsman +1 to the use of swords
Noble Presence +1 to related social checks
Competent Musician Trained in classical Elemitian insturments, specially the lyre
Desert Survival +1 to survival checks in desert terrain
Languages Native Lisanum, basic Orc, basic Urdzunge, basic Slovci, broken Slovmoha, broken Septeling, broken Prvotni

General History
Was born to noble family and received the finest education along with the expected military service. Was an officer in the military for a few years where he distinguished him self as an talented musketman leading a unit in defence against the goblin hoards in in Amor-ebla. Was eventually promoted to his dream career in archaeology investigating ruins below the sands of the goblin infested desert where he made a name for him self by discovering the first new power-site in centuries. Recently left the official military structure to join a new government organization created to explore foreign archaeological sites.

Special Equipment

  • Amaru-anutu Mk III: This staff is a 3rd generation magical tool that helps a trained use detect sources and concentrations of magical energy.
  • Gisburruenu: An expensive and fine crystal lens that allows a trained use to see auras and spectrum’s of magic when focused correctly.


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