Moon Pt4

Assholes and chain saws

The group heads off to the facility where Limmu-ilimmu-ia-ia may be found and on the way they traverse a kilometer wide and just as tall canyon of structure by going along the edge through the buildings.
During their travels they encounter the first actual life-forms they’ve seen on the moon, horrible bug-like creatures with bladed arms and some sort of corrosive emission. Although greatly out-numbered, the groups new weapons help them through the situation. Despite being chased by the creatures, after running past a guardian and shutting them selves in a small service tunnel the bugs are not seen again.
After a few more hours of traveling, the group spots a large bridge leading over the canyon and towards their destination. At the end of the bridge is what looks like a village suspended on the side of the facility they are searching for.
Peeking up onto the bridge the group spots humanoids wearing similar armour and carrying similar weapons to their own. After a some rough translation, Balashi seems to have convinced the villagers to allow them in, or at least to not shoot at them anymore.

The villagers are certainly not human, with strange faces and bodies that look as if they were made from onion-like layers of bone-like material. Their leader, old and dying, informs the group that their people are dwindling and have been barely surviving over the last few centuries. When told they seek to get inside of the facility and know how, the leader is happy to direct them to the nearest door and laments they have long forgotten how to gain entry. Jiri Thrane has no trouble opening the door and the group travel to find Limmu-ilimmu-ia-ia.

Limmu-ilimmu-ia-ia seems to have no body, or people skills. It is a horrible image of a creature that appears on every wall and speaks from every direction. Without conversation the entity commands the group to carry out a series of tasks, which ends with them cutting 12 trunk-like cables at the top and bottom of the impossibly large structure. Guardians are present throughout the facility, but the group’s weapons have no trouble dispatching them from a safe distance. How long can their ammo supplies hold out, and can Limmu-ilimmu-ia-ia be trusted? Also will Hilo ever let go of his cutting saw?



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