Krals Suicide Mission

Managed to hide from death

Something had to be done about the giant moon rending megabeam that was targeting the group. Each blast was a little closer, and with a beam that big it didn’t need to be horribly accurate. Kral decided to to strike out on his own and subdue the source of the beam, whatever it may be. He wasn’t expected to return. Before he left, he removed his magical armor having a hunch it might be working against him. He also nicked fulfs telescope, sorry fulf.

It was easy to find the source of the beam. Firing it had left a giant tunnel down through buildings. Apparently whoever was shooting could see the group through miles of thick walls and metal. Kral emerged to a large surface of sorts, with very little on it. He discovered a burnt out and cracked orb, and the outline of large feet in scorch marks on the ground. Apparently such a devastating weapon was being fired by someone on two legs. That was not what Kral expected. In the distance he spotted what could have been a standing man. He did his best to sneak toward it.

Getting closer Kral could see it was a tall creature looking very much like a new life. It stood with its back turned, looking through a large device. Thinking it might be the gunner, Kral wanted to take no chances and just assassinate it and wonder about it later. He drew two pistols and approached silently, thinking to blow its brains out point blank from behind.

Suddenly a strange loud chirping noise emitted from the creatures device and it quickly turned. Kral unloaded both guns into its face. After tipping the dead creature over, Kral observed the symbol of The Order on its armor. New lives had somehow got to the moon. The device did not seem to be a gun, but looking through it Kral could see a blob of light in the distance. It seemed to be able to spot magic, so his hunch about removing his armor may have saved his life. The blob of light visible through the tripod like scope moved off. The gunner Kral assumed. He used the device to track the gunner to a large canyon. The new life was very large with a long gun replacing one arm. It looked far too armored and powerful to fight head on, so Kral used all his gunpowder and bombs and combined them in the metal tin the cracked orb had been in. He climbed down the canyon and snuck up behind the gunner, placing the explosive right under it before sneaking away again. He braced himself and threw a bola, which slung uselessly around the heavy new life. It turned and fired. Luckily the beam it fired was much smaller then before, and Kral dodged it into cover. Then he heard the explosion.

The bomb had gone off and the new life was gone. The bolas had distracted it enough that it seemingly didn’t notice until it was too late. Not willing to assume anything, Kral used the stolen magic spotter to survey the canyon. A faint magic signature seemingly miles down in the dark canyon confirmed that the gunner had gone over the edge. Kral thanked gravity for doing his work for him and set out to return to the group, taking the stolen tripod.



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