In This Episode, The Gang Finds Goodies

We decided to enter the structure on the island. It seems that the place has had some kind of long-standing curse. The entrance was made almost entirely of metal, and the obvious door inside was locked. There was a ladder down, but Slavmir said no one had ever survived going down there.

After some thought, I decided it might be some kind of knock-out gas. Fulframent gathered a few live birds, and I created a magical barrier of air around it and sent it down. It came back up healthy. We tried again without the barrier and it seemed to rot rapidly, as it if had been dead and rotting for days.

I decided it was worth the risk and I put the bubble around myself and headed down. I sensed a large undead presence as I got around halfway down the 30ft ladder. Carefully, I climbed the rest of the way down without dropping into the room, and took a peak into the room below. There was a massive flesh golem, who seemed to not notice me at all. I quickly climbed back up while we decided how to deal with it.

We tossed around a few ideas, and decided upon making a ton of noise to get it under the hole, and then trying to kill it by dropping flammable material on it and hitting it with ranged weapons. The others made quick work of it and it left the access hole. Hilo volunteered himself to go down, and a moment later, he declared that he had finished it off.

There was a hallway that led to some cells with zombies in them. I went down there and got the gas pushed into the hall, and the others moved the golem into the dead-end hall as well. We sealed it up good and the source of the rotting gas was gone.

After further exploration, we found many interesting things. It seemed a battle between necromancers and new life may have taken place, possibly the church as well. There was many non-magical books and journals, as well as chemicals and materials. We found a crushed new-life and took some samples of it.

It seems this may have been an early new-life creation laboratory at one point. There were many artifacts down here as well, necromancer armor, shields, weapons, and some rings. I’m particularly interested in the rings, it seems they can augment power.

There was also a room with many of the mysterious power stones and teleporter stones, it seems in their raw form, not hooked up or inactive currently. Those could be of use as well. We will have to carefully bring a lot of this stuff back for study.

EDIT: For baro DUCKS AND DEER. They were creepy looking.



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