Exit Teleporter


The group decided with the current possibility of the moon being over-run with The Order’s forces, destroying the teleporter might be a good idea. After a few days Limmu-ilimmu-ia-ia managed to come up with an extremely theoretical weapon that is powered by the moon’s ambient power grid. The only problem is that the main power systems were shut off when the infection first came to the moon in order to starve off their enemies. The group traveled back to the teleporter via some sort of air-ship and made their way to within range of the huge teleporter structure while their pilot made its way to the local power grid to turn it back on for a limited period. Fulframent, armed with the weapon took aim and destroy the teleporter at extreme range while all around them structures hummed back to life and uncountable creatures awoke. The teleporter has been destroyed but Limmu-ilimmu-ia-ia may have been destroyed by The Order and the local area is now crawling with awoken infected creatures. The group is once again alone with no allies or guidance inside an incomprehensibly vast structure.



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