Crunk Juice and Sewage Sluice

gettin' toe up in that wall

A vast wall of industrial sprawl 10km high covers the east edge of this zone like a vast tumour. Central’s old beach-head into the area has long since been over-grown and claimed by the wall, but the path to the exile hole still exists. The scientist the group was after was thrown into this pit to be taken by the creatures of the wall nearly a century ago. With the area seeming quiet the group descended into the arena-like hole to search for the scientist’s body and found it hidden away down a duct, caught on some jagged metal debris. Kral hauled the body up, which mostly fell apart resulting in only a head and torso with a single arm making it up intact. The ancient leathery corpse then shocked everyone by speaking over their radios and gave the group instructions on how to bring her back to life. She then led the group to the nearest “spawning pit” (the facilities where the creatures of the wall are created). Upon arrival to the seemingly abandoned spawning pit the group witnessed the birthing of a huge stillborn centipede-like creature that was extracted via a system of cranes and placed above a grated floor to decay, Olloth chopping its head off for good measure though. The scientist, Fyfris, instructed them to smash her skull and dig some sort of device out of her brain and insert it into one of the machines in the spawning pit along with dumping her remains in another receptacle, Fulframent carried out the task without a thought as by this point such an activity did not disturb anyone. After following her instructions nothing seemed to happen for a good period of time the group waited patiently. The waiting was interrupted by a literal army of deformed humanoid creatures attacking the area. Armed with simple weapons and armour, the attacking force was little threat to the advanced weapons and flying orc of the Pevnost Pals. The creatures did manage to disable Hilo’s leg with some sort of abrasive powder which destroyed the joints of his armour, locking them in place. Four slug-like creatures with humanoid torso’s and massive heads then attacked from behind, presenting a mild challenge to the group as they seemed to be able to deflect all projectiles fired at them as well as slamming the group with concussive blasts. Most shocking about the four (4) slug-men was Olloth feeling some sort of magic from them, a force that should not exist here. After Kral snuk his blade into one of their heads causing an explosion and distraction, two creatures were shot while caught off guard. The one remaining slug-man retreated as well as the remaining creature-army, who all shut them selves behind the huge metal doors they emerged from.

Hilo’s leg needs fixing, one of Kral’s shanks is not functioning, ammo is beginning to run low, and there is no sign of a resurrected scientist.

The factory



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