A 50x50x10km box

The source of the signal, a door in the floor of an ancient building surrounded by tools and equipment. Interfacing with the door, a vision of a river, a figure, and the door opens. A wide vertical shaft leading to a charred and melted series of rooms that give way to destroyed machines and eventually lead to a vast industrial environment.

Robed creatures of bone and sagging skin, slavers, attempt to capture the group but are defeated. Leaving the facility there is an entire world within this place. Impossible cities surrounded by a lush carpet of farms and vegetation. The local government here, “Central” captures and invites everyone to the capital. A decaying and corrupt society ruled by immortal cannibals who worship but do not listen to the wisdom of their diety. Their god, an abused and neglected mind from before the disaster does not even remember its own name but gives critical information to the group relating to the PCD and directs them to seek out the only person with the information they will need. The person is a 100 year old long dead scientist who the group must find within a vast hive of horrific creatures and then use the creature’s own spawning pit to bring back to life.

So many opportunities in this place; an unstable political situation, an oppressed population, vast resources and advanced technology. No time to meddle right now, seek out the scientist, re-create life, and leave.




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