Crunk Juice and Sewage Sluice
gettin' toe up in that wall

A vast wall of industrial sprawl 10km high covers the east edge of this zone like a vast tumour. Central’s old beach-head into the area has long since been over-grown and claimed by the wall, but the path to the exile hole still exists. The scientist the group was after was thrown into this pit to be taken by the creatures of the wall nearly a century ago. With the area seeming quiet the group descended into the arena-like hole to search for the scientist’s body and found it hidden away down a duct, caught on some jagged metal debris. Kral hauled the body up, which mostly fell apart resulting in only a head and torso with a single arm making it up intact. The ancient leathery corpse then shocked everyone by speaking over their radios and gave the group instructions on how to bring her back to life. She then led the group to the nearest “spawning pit” (the facilities where the creatures of the wall are created). Upon arrival to the seemingly abandoned spawning pit the group witnessed the birthing of a huge stillborn centipede-like creature that was extracted via a system of cranes and placed above a grated floor to decay, Olloth chopping its head off for good measure though. The scientist, Fyfris, instructed them to smash her skull and dig some sort of device out of her brain and insert it into one of the machines in the spawning pit along with dumping her remains in another receptacle, Fulframent carried out the task without a thought as by this point such an activity did not disturb anyone. After following her instructions nothing seemed to happen for a good period of time the group waited patiently. The waiting was interrupted by a literal army of deformed humanoid creatures attacking the area. Armed with simple weapons and armour, the attacking force was little threat to the advanced weapons and flying orc of the Pevnost Pals. The creatures did manage to disable Hilo’s leg with some sort of abrasive powder which destroyed the joints of his armour, locking them in place. Four slug-like creatures with humanoid torso’s and massive heads then attacked from behind, presenting a mild challenge to the group as they seemed to be able to deflect all projectiles fired at them as well as slamming the group with concussive blasts. Most shocking about the four (4) slug-men was Olloth feeling some sort of magic from them, a force that should not exist here. After Kral snuk his blade into one of their heads causing an explosion and distraction, two creatures were shot while caught off guard. The one remaining slug-man retreated as well as the remaining creature-army, who all shut them selves behind the huge metal doors they emerged from.

Hilo’s leg needs fixing, one of Kral’s shanks is not functioning, ammo is beginning to run low, and there is no sign of a resurrected scientist.

The factory

A 50x50x10km box

The source of the signal, a door in the floor of an ancient building surrounded by tools and equipment. Interfacing with the door, a vision of a river, a figure, and the door opens. A wide vertical shaft leading to a charred and melted series of rooms that give way to destroyed machines and eventually lead to a vast industrial environment.

Robed creatures of bone and sagging skin, slavers, attempt to capture the group but are defeated. Leaving the facility there is an entire world within this place. Impossible cities surrounded by a lush carpet of farms and vegetation. The local government here, “Central” captures and invites everyone to the capital. A decaying and corrupt society ruled by immortal cannibals who worship but do not listen to the wisdom of their diety. Their god, an abused and neglected mind from before the disaster does not even remember its own name but gives critical information to the group relating to the PCD and directs them to seek out the only person with the information they will need. The person is a 100 year old long dead scientist who the group must find within a vast hive of horrific creatures and then use the creature’s own spawning pit to bring back to life.

So many opportunities in this place; an unstable political situation, an oppressed population, vast resources and advanced technology. No time to meddle right now, seek out the scientist, re-create life, and leave.


Start to Airship

Seemingly alone the group decided to fly back to Limmu-ilimmu-ia-ia to see if anything survived the attack. They arrived to find the facility damaged but the vast majority of the attacking Order forces destroyed with only a small amount left inside to celebrate their victory. Clearing out the route to the control room was no problem but they found the area in disarray and not functioning. Although seemingly “dead”, Limmu-ilimmu-ai-ai had left a tiny fragment of its self behind to help the group. Limmu shared theories on some sort of hidden back-up space that its mind may have been transfered to upon death and a possible connection with the “hidden section” it detected roughly near the PCD. The group rounded up what supplies they could salvage and set a course to the mysterious hidden section on the way to their ultimate goal, the PCD.

Exit Teleporter

The group decided with the current possibility of the moon being over-run with The Order’s forces, destroying the teleporter might be a good idea. After a few days Limmu-ilimmu-ia-ia managed to come up with an extremely theoretical weapon that is powered by the moon’s ambient power grid. The only problem is that the main power systems were shut off when the infection first came to the moon in order to starve off their enemies. The group traveled back to the teleporter via some sort of air-ship and made their way to within range of the huge teleporter structure while their pilot made its way to the local power grid to turn it back on for a limited period. Fulframent, armed with the weapon took aim and destroy the teleporter at extreme range while all around them structures hummed back to life and uncountable creatures awoke. The teleporter has been destroyed but Limmu-ilimmu-ia-ia may have been destroyed by The Order and the local area is now crawling with awoken infected creatures. The group is once again alone with no allies or guidance inside an incomprehensibly vast structure.

Moon Pt8
  • The group manages to locate the charging tower and Jiri was able to disable it, using the knowledge implanted (poorly) in his head.
  • Everyone got home safe and sound to find fairly tolerable living quarters waiting for them at Min-ussu-as’s facility. After a few days relaxing and becoming slightly less-insane everyone was implanted with network implants that apparently allow them to interface with most of the technology on the moon. The next goal was the construction of some sort of vehicles to help the group get around faster/safer but everyone was rudely interrupted by some sort of attack.
  • Min-Ussa-As directed everyone to board a high-speed tram to escape the facility as it was overwhelmed by what looked like puppet-creatures of The Order.
Moon Pt7
Layin some pipe

A cable has been laid between Min-ussu-as and Limmu-ilimmu-ia-ia. The group sets out to deactivate some sort of local power source but ends up lost and under attack by a flying mass of tentacles. Unable to fight back, the group takes cover underground.

Moon Pt6
New things

-Minds retrieved from storage facility.
-Limmu-ilimmu-ia-ia’s facility purged and repairs carried out.
-Newly active production facilities allow for equipment upgrades.
-Jiri totally got his arm cut off but it’s ok because now he’s got a robot arm.

Moon Pt5
Fetchin Orbs??

After brief battle with some sort of horrible mechanical mega-spider the rest of the conduits have been cut. Limmu-ilimmu-ia-ia set the group to some repair work around it and eventually showed its true form. The next task: retrieve some required minds for its research work.

Moon Pt4
Assholes and chain saws

The group heads off to the facility where Limmu-ilimmu-ia-ia may be found and on the way they traverse a kilometer wide and just as tall canyon of structure by going along the edge through the buildings.
During their travels they encounter the first actual life-forms they’ve seen on the moon, horrible bug-like creatures with bladed arms and some sort of corrosive emission. Although greatly out-numbered, the groups new weapons help them through the situation. Despite being chased by the creatures, after running past a guardian and shutting them selves in a small service tunnel the bugs are not seen again.
After a few more hours of traveling, the group spots a large bridge leading over the canyon and towards their destination. At the end of the bridge is what looks like a village suspended on the side of the facility they are searching for.
Peeking up onto the bridge the group spots humanoids wearing similar armour and carrying similar weapons to their own. After a some rough translation, Balashi seems to have convinced the villagers to allow them in, or at least to not shoot at them anymore.

The villagers are certainly not human, with strange faces and bodies that look as if they were made from onion-like layers of bone-like material. Their leader, old and dying, informs the group that their people are dwindling and have been barely surviving over the last few centuries. When told they seek to get inside of the facility and know how, the leader is happy to direct them to the nearest door and laments they have long forgotten how to gain entry. Jiri Thrane has no trouble opening the door and the group travel to find Limmu-ilimmu-ia-ia.

Limmu-ilimmu-ia-ia seems to have no body, or people skills. It is a horrible image of a creature that appears on every wall and speaks from every direction. Without conversation the entity commands the group to carry out a series of tasks, which ends with them cutting 12 trunk-like cables at the top and bottom of the impossibly large structure. Guardians are present throughout the facility, but the group’s weapons have no trouble dispatching them from a safe distance. How long can their ammo supplies hold out, and can Limmu-ilimmu-ia-ia be trusted? Also will Hilo ever let go of his cutting saw?

Krals Suicide Mission
Managed to hide from death

Something had to be done about the giant moon rending megabeam that was targeting the group. Each blast was a little closer, and with a beam that big it didn’t need to be horribly accurate. Kral decided to to strike out on his own and subdue the source of the beam, whatever it may be. He wasn’t expected to return. Before he left, he removed his magical armor having a hunch it might be working against him. He also nicked fulfs telescope, sorry fulf.

It was easy to find the source of the beam. Firing it had left a giant tunnel down through buildings. Apparently whoever was shooting could see the group through miles of thick walls and metal. Kral emerged to a large surface of sorts, with very little on it. He discovered a burnt out and cracked orb, and the outline of large feet in scorch marks on the ground. Apparently such a devastating weapon was being fired by someone on two legs. That was not what Kral expected. In the distance he spotted what could have been a standing man. He did his best to sneak toward it.

Getting closer Kral could see it was a tall creature looking very much like a new life. It stood with its back turned, looking through a large device. Thinking it might be the gunner, Kral wanted to take no chances and just assassinate it and wonder about it later. He drew two pistols and approached silently, thinking to blow its brains out point blank from behind.

Suddenly a strange loud chirping noise emitted from the creatures device and it quickly turned. Kral unloaded both guns into its face. After tipping the dead creature over, Kral observed the symbol of The Order on its armor. New lives had somehow got to the moon. The device did not seem to be a gun, but looking through it Kral could see a blob of light in the distance. It seemed to be able to spot magic, so his hunch about removing his armor may have saved his life. The blob of light visible through the tripod like scope moved off. The gunner Kral assumed. He used the device to track the gunner to a large canyon. The new life was very large with a long gun replacing one arm. It looked far too armored and powerful to fight head on, so Kral used all his gunpowder and bombs and combined them in the metal tin the cracked orb had been in. He climbed down the canyon and snuck up behind the gunner, placing the explosive right under it before sneaking away again. He braced himself and threw a bola, which slung uselessly around the heavy new life. It turned and fired. Luckily the beam it fired was much smaller then before, and Kral dodged it into cover. Then he heard the explosion.

The bomb had gone off and the new life was gone. The bolas had distracted it enough that it seemingly didn’t notice until it was too late. Not willing to assume anything, Kral used the stolen magic spotter to survey the canyon. A faint magic signature seemingly miles down in the dark canyon confirmed that the gunner had gone over the edge. Kral thanked gravity for doing his work for him and set out to return to the group, taking the stolen tripod.


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